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A war can only end if the parties involved decide to look backwards to resolve and make amends. On the other hand, if aggression and revenge are considered the only means of advance, war is destined to endure, sediment and become routine.

We are consuming conflict only in part, mediatically and from a distance, with some sporadic repercussions. Those who live in fighting areas die. Those who survive radicalize their position laying the foundations for future outbreaks.

Everything occurring in the Gaza Strip should never happen. That is why we’ve chosen to voice our thoughts. We don't take sides because we believe salvation is taking distance from our opinions, whatever they might be, to try to understand others. However, we cannot remain silent either. We are grieving and wish to convey this feeling to all those who share the same sense of helplessness and frustration.

Ceasefire now is the hope.
Revenge is not justice is the thought behind it.


Participate in the initiative by displaying a symbol of mourning in your own way, whether it's through physical or digital means. To facilitate sharing, you can download our media kit.

If you decide to join, please inform us by writing to join@ceasefire-now.net, so we can update this page and sign it together.